Our produced events are an experience in themselves. These events communicate in the right way to all who attend.

"Excalibur City" - Border Shop Opening
29. Juli 1997 in Haté (Tschechien)

Upon special request by the composer of the musical "Excalibur", Roland Baumgartner, we were entrusted with the organization and production of this event.

Production manager: Franz Josef Kromeich

There were live performances by Bobby Kimball, Darren Warton, Steve Buttler, Sebastian Reinthaller, Robinson, Mike Timmoney, ORF Symphonic Orchestra Vienna, and others...

A great number of international celebrities, like Giancarlo Fisichella, Falco, Samantha Fox, was there to congratulate Ronnie Seunig, owner of "Excalibur", on the opening of his shopping centre.

Photographs : Eric Krügl

Pyroeffekte und Feuerwerk rundeten das Eröffnungsprogramm ab.

Excalibur City

Eine gigantische Open Air Bühnenkonstruktion in der Excalibur City.

ORF Symphonie Orchester Wien

Steve Buttler

Sebastian Reinthaler, Bobby Kimball, Darren Warton, Robinson.

Mit einer fulminanten Lasershow wurde der Border Shop eröffnet.

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