Our produced events are an experience in themselves. These events communicate in the right way to all who attend.

ÖBB PE Events

ÖBB PE Events - station openings
The development brings:
  • Shorter travel times for customers.
  • Comfort with boarding.
  • Security for all users.
  • Better environment as in the future there will be more goods shifted on the rail.

Train station is not equal to station .....
..... Tunnel is not equal to tube .....
.......... Bridge is not equal to crossing .....

ÖBB PE Events: The overview

Opening in Klagenfurt
Opening Blisadonatunnel
ÖBB "S7 Opening Gala"
Gala Evening on the occasion of the completion of the airport-rapid-transit railway S7.
Tunnel pass celebration Kenlachtunnel
Unveiling of CountDownTower S7
Line completion Summerau
Opening Kenlachgrabenbrücke
Station Opening Vöcklabruck
Station Opening Andorf
Renovation of station Vienna-Meidling

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