Linz (Austria), Sat. 2nd September 2000 (attendance: 60.000)
Music, Visual-Presentation and Production: Klaus Obermaier & Robert Spour

"We see this 'Klangwolke' as equivalent for active, creative and self-confident acting at the beginning of the new millenium in the area of conflicts between individual acting in given basic conditions and collective expressions" - Klaus Obermaier/Robert SpourLinz (Austria), Sa. 2. September 2000 (Besucher: 60.000)
Musik, Visualisierung und Regie: Klaus Obermaier & Robert Spour

"Wir sehen diese Klangwolke als Äquivalent für aktives, kreatives und selbstbewußtes Handeln am Beginn des neuen Jahrtausends im Spannungsfeld zwischen individuellem Handeln in vorgegebenen Rahmenbedingungen und kollektiven Äußerungen".
Klaus Obermaier/Robert Spour

For the first time the public could intervene at this "Art in open space" formatively in the Klangwolke. The intention of the artists was not passive consuming but a creative and active experiencing of the attendance.

This form of the publicity find its correspondence in the composition by the integration of public "Sound-Rooms".

The audience was weaved three levels into the Klangwolke:

Instant-Composing - In the first part the spectator was the sound producer. Obermaier/Spour provided a real-time composition from noises and spoken words of the public.

Controls - In the second part the spectators could steer different aspects in the music and visualization by means of caps out-divided in the Danube park.

Obermaier/Spour compiled a composition, which in parameters such as density, dynamics, instrumenting, expiration, speed etc. were influenceable of the public.

The interactive area, which was 300 m broad, was defined and confined on both sides by video adjusting walls. By these projections received the public, who were divided into two teams, all for the control necessary informations; The Objective and function system become thereby transparency and comprehensibly.

Team A and Team B could make independent decisions, react one on the other, support each other or compete mutually and also work together.

Visuals - In the third and last part the audience was merged visually into the happening.

Water Screens - 90x12m
Pyrotechnical Fontains are getting out of the water screens.
Water Screens with an expanse of 1.000 m²
The "Nauführer" merged as an art-object.
Firework-Design by Pyrovision
Light Installations projected on the water screens
Firework display

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