Linz (Austria), Fr. 11th September 1998 (attendance: 70.000).
A multimedia approximation to the term of work and its transformations.

"In jobOpera we show the transformation of the term Work beginning with the first industrial revolution up to a view to new and virtual worlds.
Klaus Obermaier/Robert Spour

The jobOpera is divided into four sections:

  • The 1st industrial revolution: The invention of the steam engine
  • The 2nd industrial revolution: Electricity and Oil
  • The 3rd industrial revolution: Information and Communication technologies, Cyberspace, Virtual Reality

A 16 x 60 meters large projections-wall on the bank of the Danube serves as projection screen for video, large image representations and 3D-Laser.

Robert Spour · Franz Seiser · Klaus Obermaier
Robert Spour · Franz Seiser · Klaus Obermaier

On this project we could work together in a team with Klaus Obermaier and Robert Spour, the composers and directors of symphony jobOpera, with Friedrich Förster and his business partner Sabine Weissinger (Tübingen, Germany), who arranged the large image projections, and Jan Kriland, Obskura Magica (Stockholm, Sweden), who was responsible for the 3D-Laser-Projections.

Large Image-Projections on the Arcotel
made by Friedrich Förster and Sabine Weißinger (Casa Magica, Tübingen, Germany).
Photographs: Eric Krügl

Large Image-Projections on the 3D-Laser Screen (60x16m). Photographs : Eric Krügl

3D-Laser-Projections made by Jan Kriland (Stockholm, Sweden). Photographs : Eric Krügl

Shade - Plays

A Video Projection in the pair run

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