Symphonia Globalis
Linz (Austria), Sat. 7 September 1996 (attendance: 40,000)

The "Symphonia Globalis", a symphony to nature was composed by Roland Baumgartner. It is dedicated to David McTaggart, founder of Greenpeace, who personally attended the world premiere in Linz.

The Symphonia Globalis was played by "The Russian Philharmonic Orchestra", conducted by Konstantin Krimez (Moscow, Russia).

Lighting design by Nick Sholem (Sting, The Who, The Eagles, etc.). The world's biggest floating stage was mounted on five barges, with a 14x14-meter tower (12 m high) to fix the gigantic "Earth"-balloon (Æ 18 m).

Four 9-meter high dance platforms and projection towers were put up on the Danube river bank.

Roland Baumgartner & Franz Seiser

Photographs : Eric Krügl

180 Varelites each hem the bank of the Danube.
Light Design
made by Nick Sholem
5 dragging cranes serves as stage for the balloon "Earth" (Ø 18 m).
A shade play on the balloon "Earth".
Pyrotechnic bombs explode in the case of the impact at the water surface.
The Laser over the "Sound-Center".

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