The Sound-and-Vision Project "quart" on the occasion of the opening of the "MuseumsQuartier" Vienna on 28 to 30 June. 2001

The area of conflict between tradition and modern trend and the clash of museum-structures and contemporary art formed the central challenge for the composer and medium artist Robert Spour with the development of the opening performance for the MQ Vienna.

This specific point of departure created the contentwise and formal basic conditions for its project "quart".

The title "quart", extracted from accomodation, reflects itself in all aspects: In music as interval and rhythmic beginning, in medialen visualization, in the use of four dancers and/or four laser beams. As projection screen for wide front projections serve the "Leopold Museum", the "MUMOK", the "Halle E+G" and the main entrance of the MQ.

A further substantial component of "quart" is the integration of a "vertical dance performance", which takes place at the front of the "Halle E+G".

The use of pyrotechnics on the roofs of the museums forms an additional instrument for the representation of the temporal elbow from the baroque time to the present. The quadrophonical acoustic irradiation concept makes it possible that the visitors could experience beside two-dimensional effects also special three-dimensional sound scenarios.

The principal item of the work is finally the laser sculpture "quart", which - beside the clear making of virtual axles and areas of the cultural field MQ - creates a view into the future with its digital aesthetics.

Robert Spour
Concept, composition, visual concept & direction of Linzer Klangwolke 1998 "jobOpera" and Linzer Klangwolke 2000 "act opera"

Quart: The Sound-and-Vision Project "quart"

Dance performance from the dancing chorus "Tanzhotel"
Image Projections by Casa Magica
Image Projections by "Rezac"
Video Projections by "Juraczka"
"Support Arm Construction" for the dance performance

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