12th Klangwolke
Concept, production, music, conductor: Walter Haupt
Theme: Johannes Kepler

The spectacular production took place on 26 ships on the Danube in Linz.

The experience stage Danube was equipped with:

  • 20 m high fire pictures, laser and video projections on water walls.
  • 13 m large three-dimensional projection cube used as a projection screen.
  • 15 m high Kepler-head which could be opened for a screen projection.
  • Three Live-Drum groups which were playing together with five orchestras.
  • On both banks of the Danube fire architectures, gas/fire installations, loudspeaker towers and large picture projection were built up.

Walter Haupt und Franz Seiser

CD: Walter Haupt "Klangwolken-Symphony" for five big orchestra groups and solo drums ensembles.
Played by: ORF-Symphony Orchestral Vienna; Schlagwerk Linz.
Conductor: Walter Haupt

This Klangwolke was contracted by the Brucknerhaus/Linz and ORF Austria for the 500th anniversary of the city of Linz (Austria).
Cube construction 13x13 m with 4 projection gauzes.
Laser projection on projection cube.

Brucknerhaus as an Art-Object.

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